Attendees will have access to the sessions through a private YouTube channel. For this, a Gmail account will be requested during the registration process, which will be necessary to enter. If you have any impediment to create a Gmail account and wish to register in J-DAAL, contact us explaining the situation, so that we can identify a solution.



Registration will be open from September 1. It is possible to register for an individual venue.
Payment must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the meeting.

Early registration fee, 4 meetings, until 5 October (USD)
Registration fee, 4 meetings, after 6 October (USD)
Registration fee, per meeting (USD)
IWA*  member

* Membership of IWA will be verified and membership status is not transferable. If you wish to apply for membership and get a registration discount, please visit:

** A student is defined as a holder of a student identification card, a registration document or a certificate from a recognized higher education institution. Proof of student status is required and should be attached at the time of registration.

The registration fee includes on-line admission to all sessions and workshops, live and recorded. The sessions will remain available "on-demand" until January 12, 2021.

The J-DAAL proceedings in electronic format (oral presentations and posters) may be downloaded from this website. A digital certificate will be issued for each work submitted; a digital proof of attendance will be sent to every registered person with paid fee.

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